Natural Oil Soy 9oz Candle

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Our Candles smell incredible & they are all infused with some Om & Ah love & positive thinking! 50 hour burn time. Vegan. Made with soy, cotton & natural oils. Cruelty & paraffin free.
I am Empowered Candle 
Plum, Cardamom and Amber 
Our EMPOWERED fragrance boasts aromatic plum, cardamom and clove leaf smoothly blended with rich amber and a hint of vanilla to create this flawless masterpiece, with its feminine & masculine tones fused & intertwined you feel the empowerment
I am Enough Candle 
Agave, Aloe and Moss
Clean agave, aloe, moss and hints of cactus flower make up this floral masterpiece perfect for bringing the aromatic outside, indoors this summer. With its calming tones, a reminder that you are a thousand times enough. A THOUSAND.
I am Happy Candle
Bergamot, Blood Orange and Cedar
We have created this beautiful scent inspired by notes of bergamot and grapefruit fuse together to create a herbal bouquet that is uplifting as well as mouthwatering. The delicious orange base in this fragrance is an inviting citrus scent perfect for any soul or space looking for a bit of zest and happiness.  
I am Restored Candle
Wood, Cream and Jasmine
The notes in this scent take us on a journey. A trip beyond the Northwest, passed the Pacific Ocean, and time zones away. Somewhere tropical and exotic with white sandy beaches, wind blowing, the sweet smell of Jasmine and driftwood, a place where we find peace and serenity and time to restore and heal.