CBD Headache Roller 10ml

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Add this to your headache-fighting arsenal, and make it your first line of defense. Our CBD Headache Roller offers a convenient and powerful way to address the very serious pain that comes with a headache, and - more importantly - the cause of the headache in the first place. This is because, when delivered into your system locally to the through your skin, CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors responsible for the nerve pain and inflammation that come with headaches and migraines. CBD Headache Roller from Shea Brand combines the healing and pain-killing benefits of CBD with satisfying menthol, arnica oil, and essential oils to deliver uncompromising effectiveness with long-lasting effects. 


Contains 250mg CBD


  • Multiple active ingredients: CBD, Menthol, arnica oil and essential oils work synergistically to deliver powerful therapeutic effects
  • Fast acting: Thin aloe vera juice base makes for quick CBD delivery into your system. 
  • Convenient and portable: 10ml glass roller is easy to apply, and fit’s right in your bag.


Uses: Known to provide temporary relief from headaches and migraines.


Directions: For adults only. Apply topically using roll-on to affected area (temples, back of neck & forehead) on an as-needed basis.